Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An Update: My Wedding Tales

è Two days after I announced the blog series “My Wedding Tales”, our car met an accident right in front of our house. Thankfully no hurt to any human being though some damage to car and society gate happened!!
è And yesterday when I went for an eye check-up due to constant irritation in eyes, doctor examined and identified dryness and infection in eyes. Not at all good, how can I cope up without using my laptop. L

Here come the views from well-wishers, “you should not write everything about your life on your blog or Facebook. Evil eyes are turning to you.” They are not wrong on their part, though I don’t believe much in this, when God is there what evil can do?

This cannot stop me from sharing my things with you.

And even if few bad eyes are turned to me, I am sure many of my readers are really happy for me and their best wishes are reaching me the way wi-fi signals are reaching to my laptop. ;)
Planning below topics under “My Wedding Tales”, let me know how you like it?

Here is the list of topics that I am going to write about under “My Wedding Tales”.

·         Pre-wedding Photo shoot - A memorable experience for lifetime
·         Where & How I bought my Wedding Lehenga
·         … because I have a brother, I will always have a true friend
·         A Recap of the Happiest Day of My Life: My Wedding Day
·         Sasural Genda Phool, a visit to Mother-In-Law in Kota, Rajasthan
·         Visiting Kerala, God’s own country
·         Enough of Gala time, here begins the Grihasthi(household) J

I might be slow in updating the posts due to my eyes issue but please keep coming here to check out the next posts. If not already subscribed, would request you to please subscribe this blog via email.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

And the wedding happened… I still feel it like a dream! : My Wedding Tales

Note: If you are a first time visitor, read pre-wedding story here to connect more with this post. You can also consider reading my pre-wedding post Life Partner on Board: Welcoming Pankaj in My Life, World & Thoughts :) 

We are married for almost two months now and sharing our lives happily. But when I look back everything still looks like a dream! 

Like any girl, my wedding has given me so many wonderful memories to cherish forever.
And there is so much I want to share with my lovely readers. (I am sorry for ditching my blog for so long; I needed some time to settle my new life.)

A lot had to do from Roka (engagement) to Wedding, 
and for once I was so fed up of shopping, 
those fifteen days before marriage 
with no work and full leverage,
fifteen days post-wedding,
a visit to in-laws, kerala trip and then busy in home-setting
Hubby buying home stuff to kitchen utensils,
While I giggle seeing him begging,
to put a pause on this new way of spending!!
(My poetry skills are nowhere near to good, just tried to rhyme.. :p)

Now that I am back, I am going to share all my stories with you. Right from my wedding shopping, the pre-wedding Photo Shoot to wedding day, bidaai, visit to my sasural (in-laws place), Our Kerala Trip, our first car, start of our grihasthi (household) and my experiences of doing grah kaarya (household work) along with my professional life, and most important the Changed Me. LOL!.

There are so many things I want to rant about and can't cover in just one post. Thus Pankaj advised me to write multiple posts on my wedding experiences under the series My Wedding Tales!! :) :)
I liked the idea and here I am, writing the Introduction post for the series.
For few coming weeks you will get to read posts under My Wedding Tales. Hope you will enjoy it. 

And yes I made a collage for this series and the logo "My Wedding Tales" with the help of Picasa. Do let me know in comments if you like it ;)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Life Partner on Board: Welcoming Pankaj in My Life, World & Thoughts

I lived My Life in My Ways for majority of times till now! And here comes 2014 which is giving me a partner on board to share it. :)
Like anybody else I am also little nervous for many changes that would come ahead! Though I am sure with a mate like Pankaj, life will be easier and fuller.
Pankaj and I are marrying now but he is playing the roles of a superb friend, advisor and a cheer leader for almost three years. So he just has to take up one more role and things are sorted for life hopefully. :)
It’s around six months back that we decided to be together for the rest of life.
The day he met my family for the first time made me recall an instance from Ketan Bhagat’s novel when Kabir first met Myra’s family, he was touching the feet of all the elder ones and distributing chocolates to the kids. Kabir was behaving the way that his mother felt she has come there for her daughter’s wedding and not of her son’s. Lol!
In his first interaction with my family, my family said yes for him. It was a happy day of my life.
Basically the very first meet of my family with him & his family became our Roka day. :)
However three years back, when I met him for the first time I never thought he would be the one bugging me for the rest of my life. But he made sure he does. :D
We are very opposite to each other in the way we take our lives like I take my life too seriously and he has ways to be happy in every situation. I am sure it is rightly said ‘opposites attract’.

10 things about Pankaj that makes him really special for me:
  1. A best friend & a good listener. I can’t resist myself telling him the minutest things and he listens & reacts so patiently.
  2. He understands the way I am made and demands zero customization. He knows my imperfections!
  3. He nurtures my goals and encourages me big time
  4. One can see the true me when I am with him. With him, I am a free soul
  5. We walk together, no one ahead or no one behind. We share the power.
  6. He understands my priorities
  7. He is the only one who supports me in my weirdest entrepreneurial ideas
  8. He never says ‘No’ to go shopping with me and cheerfully explores whichever Delhi markets I take him to.
  9. He has promised, in the kitchen if I will cook he will do the dishes and if he cooks I will chop and we both will do the dishes. (Let’s see how much this happens. :p )
  10. I am biased about him and he earned this. I respect him for the way he is. :)
Wedding day is just one week ahead and both of us are eagerly looking forward to a happy & fulfilling life together.
P.S. Though I have more details to share with my lovely readers regarding our wedding. Like our complete story, our future plans, our friendship, our pre-wedding photoshoot, but pankaj has already instructed me not to write a very elaborated post!
After all its our graceful secret and you would love few surprise elements later. So signing off for now! Till then stay tuned because I really have a lot to share
#JaiGurudev :)

Update on 4th March 2014:

Please visit our wedding website :) :)
Thanks for all the love and good wishes.. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Ultimate Settal-maint

Someone who speaks about women liberation and married his own classmate is promoting a brand that helps you choose your life partner on the basis of caste, religion or similar things! 

Ignore him but don’t ignore your own self. 

This post is not against arranged relationships. But in today’s time is it feasible:
  • with girls equally educated, why should girl’s family pay dowry?
  • with patience threshold extremely low on both the sides, who has the tolerance to adjust in a relationship arranged by someone else?
I am not going many years back. But how do you think arranged marriages used to happen around 8-10 years back in India?

Well, relatives used to bring proposals of marriageable age boys & girls from distance relations or neighbor hoods. The boy & the girl used to see each other. In most of the cases if it’s a yes from boy’s side, the girl had no rights to say “no”.

Ok let’s say the very beautiful girl marries a very settled rich boy well-arranged & well-approved by the society. Then what? 

Slowly they adjust with each other like everyone does. They raise their family like everyone does. Their ultimate settal-maint has done by the society!

Next what?

If everything goes well for the couple, of course it would be because of the people who made their togetherness possible, may be the one who foresaw their future together and proposed them for each other. Trust me there would be lot of people around ready to take the good credits.

And if by chance things don’t go well, it’s of course the couple’s luck. After all who has the control on someone’s destiny?

The time is very much changed now.

Here comes 2013 in which the movie Shudh Desi Romance is recently released.

Wait before you misunderstand my reference. Personally I don’t agree with the ending of the movie in which they finally don’t marry and continue living together.

But those days are almost gone when a boy used to marry because the girl looks good and girl used to marry because parents have enquired well about boy’s handsome salary. And they used to think that like all others we will also be adjusted in the life together.

There was a dialogue in the Shudh Desi Romance “Ye poore India ko bas settlement ki padi hai”. (Complete India bothers only about settlement.)
True that, reaching the marriageable age in India is such hoopla. Everybody around wants to know your plans of settling down! 

If by chance you have your own plans to settle down, you become the talk of the town!

You start feeling like a star with everyone enjoying to gossip about your personal life. Ooh-la-la!!

But the question is, is getting an ‘ideal’ tag from society that worth to sacrifice complete life for? 

I feel marriage is just an optional thing, a part of life but not life. And it is a decision to be taken by the individual, be it love marriage, arrange marriage or no marriage.

Marriage doesn’t mean settal-maint in any way.

For me important is to live a life in my own way, for myself and my dreams. I wouldn’t care if it’s a love or an arrange one.

It’s not about love but it’s about the understanding that one cannot have with someone in a day or two.

Even no use to go for a love marriage where you know that you have to live your life forgetting your dreams!!

After all it’s your life. Decide if you would want to ‘settal’ and lead the life that someone else has planned for you or choose a partner you are sure would help you at every step of your settal-maint in life?

(settal-maint, slang for ‘settling down’)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Turning 25, need healthy snacking: Thanks to

Girls don’t reveal their age but I feel no barrier in sharing my age at least with my readers. My regular readers know I have done this before as well on my blog. :)

Well the point is, I am turning 25 in a couple of months. And the news is “I’m engaged.” (Will share the engagement related story in my other post only for my beloved readers. :) )

So February 2014 is going to change lots of things in my life for sure. (Yes, wedding date as well as birthday both are in February.)

Ughh, I am turning 25, and on the verge of starting a new life with more responsibilities and challenges. Two valid reasons to be health conscious, isn’t it? 

I know I can handle all this if I remain healthy and fit.

While I was browsing internet to find some healthy snacking tips in the office, I landed on a website

Pictures of snacks on the website filled my mouth with water. I decided to click on Get the box but then I got some work in the office and missed it.

It was after couple of days, someone from contacted me for reviewing their healthy snacks. I felt so happy and instantly said yes. They delivered a very cute, well packed box in my office. Healthy Snacks Box

When I opened it, it was full of natural and healthy snacks. 

It contained 5-full sized packet of 

1. dehydrated strawberries full of antioxidants and nutrients,
2. roasted (not fried) low calorie mixture namkeen of lentils,
3. another mixture of lentils, seeds, grams and peanuts (it was also roasted namkeen and not at all fried),
4. a crunchy bar (we can call it panjeeri) made up of honey, oats and fruits.   
5. Namkeen crackers perfectly going with tea (those were made up of herbs and cheese in whole wheat base)

Dehydrated Strawberries, Yummy !!

the crunchy bar made up of honey, oats and fruits

I simply loved all the snacks in the packet. 

   How to order a healthy snacks box from : 
1. You can logon to
2. Choose from three types of box (Sampler, My Box, Family Box)
3. You can choose a plan (one month, three months half yearly or annual)
4. Click on buy now button

Healthy food is not diet food. I cannot diet but all I can do for my health is to adopt a healthy snacking habit. It really helps. 
And thus I am gradually adopting it to be completely fit and healthy to take up future challenges and responsibilities. 

Lovely readers, You can also try the same. :)
That’s all for now.